The Flava Story

Mission Statement

To become the ‘peoples champion’ in each new community we enter; Our goal is to provide delicious food served in inspirational & comfortable CX stores, by loyal staff that absolutely love the brand; all while making a difference to each community across the country.

Brand Values

At Chicken Xpress we believe that awesome brands are built by ordinary people who are passionate about delivering the extraordinary.
In order to become world famous we only want hands-on franchisees and staff, who love the brand and live to serve. We want to be the most loved peoples brand in South Africa where people can connect with us not for what we do (serve delicious food) but who we are (the peoples champion of your community).

Great food served by staff who are nuts about the brand is what we want to be remembered for.

Whilst Chicken Xpress has the greatest admiration for international brands that have had global success, Chicken Xpress is more passionate about building a truly African brand, something by Africans for Africans. It is for this reason that our store base, marketing activities and brand persona is all centred around providing a truly localized experience.


FLAVA at Chicken Xpress is not only the delicious flavour of our fried chicken, tasty chips and other menu items; but also the Flava of our stores and partners (franchisees, managers, staff members). This Flava refers to the way that we interact with customers, the way we present our stores in clean, comfortable and inviting settings and of course the way we serve our food.

We are proud to put our stamp of approval on each new store we open, and strive for each new partner, that completes their Chicken Xpress training, to have the same ethics, values and FLAVA as each other.