Franchisee Opportunities

Chicken Xpress is spreading across the country through a well implemented and sustainable store role out program. The Chicken Xpress brand is truly South African and has its values firmly based around local community. All stores will be conveniently located in high volume emerging market trading areas.

Target Market

The average customer base is very broad, from young students to daily commuters, families to business people looking for quality, a well-priced and convenient meal.

LSM 3-7

Store Model

Container Model

Drive-Thru Model

Interested in becoming a Franchisee?

1. Application Pack & LOI:
This is sent to the Prospective Franchisee, after initial enquiry, LOI (Letter of Intent) for their signature accepting the terms in respect of which the Disclosure Document is to be provided to the Prospective Franchisee.

2. Disclosure Document and Deposit:
DD provided, in full, with all relevant documentation to the Prospective Franchisee. The Deposit, in the amount of the Franchise Fee, being R105 500.00 (excl VAT) must be paid in order to move forward with Chicken Xpress Franchisee Process.

3. EE Test:
A prospective Franchisee may be required, at the Franchisor’s election, to undertake an EE- Test, which is an industry aptitude test, which will provide both the prospective Franchisee and the Franchisor with a reasonable indication as to whether the Prospective Franchisee has the necessary aptitude to successfully operate a CHICKEN XPRESS Franchise within the franchise environment. Upon an acceptable result, the Prospective Franchisee may then be proceed with the process.

4. Site Selection & Approval:
Once the Deposit has been paid, CHICKEN XPRESS will assist the Prospective Franchisee to locate a site or view a potential site that the Prospective Franchisee has identified; setting up viewing of potential sites, or offer the Prospective Franchisee a store that is being sold by an existing franchisee. While a site is not guaranteed, Chicken Xpress Property Division will provide necessary assistance from Initial Joining Fee Payment. A copy of our site requirements is listed in this disclosure document in order to ensure the potential site is at required Chicken Xpress Specs, a copy of which is attached to this Disclosure Document in Annexure “C”.

5. Franchise Agreement:
This is to be signed no earlier than 14 days after the Prospective Franchisee has received the Disclosure Document and once the site has been finalized by the Potential Franchisee. Upon signature of the Franchise Agreement the Deposit will be immediately applied to the Franchise Fee which is due on signature of the Franchise Agreement. Commencement of construction and shop fitting of the franchise outlet will only commence after the mandatory waiting period of 10 business days after the signing of the Franchise Agreement.

6. Store Design:
Chicken Xpress will finalise the design and full costing of the Chicken Xpress Franchise Store and submit an invoice in respect of the Store Set-up Cost. A best possible estimate of the Store Set-up cost of a typical Chicken Xpress Franchise is set out in the CHICKEN XPRESS STORE SETUP – BASE MODEL attached hereto as Annexure “D”. This is based on a store set-up to 80m2, and for a store which fits our Chicken Xpress Basic store Spec. Stores with sizing in excess of our standard spec will be charged at a rate required to complete the larger format store design. The final, actual cost amount may vary depending on store size, equipment, fittings and the like.

7. Store Set-up:
As soon as the Store Set-up Costing is concluded, the outstanding amount is to be paid to Chicken Xpress in full, and Chicken Xpress will begin set-up and construction of the CHICKEN XPRESS Franchise – the estimated duration of construction of a typical Chicken Xpress Franchise is 4 – 6 weeks.

8. Staff Training & Opening Stock:
While store construction is in progress, Chicken Xpress will train the key personnel of the Franchisee in the ways of Chicken Xpress “Recipe for Success”. The Franchisee will be required to complete all necessary supplier docs pertaining to the franchisee’s specific location. Closer to Opening Day, all opening stock will be received with the assistance of Chicken Xpress Induna’s for the stores Grand Opening.

9. Grand Opening!!!
Once we have flown through the process, we will assist you in opening your Chicken Xpress store with an array of marketing material in order to get the store recognised and trading at great volumes from Day 1! We will also have our CX Training Staff in your store for the first 3 – 5 days of Grand Opening in order to assist you with every step, as well as sign off your brand new Chicken Xpress Store. We will attempt to assist in all ways possible to have your store running efficiently and grow your Chicken Xpress Empire to a CX Multi-Unit Franchisee!