International Franchise Opportunities

In South Africa we have a concept called “Ubuntu”, which roughly translated means “human kindness” – this is the core value we bring with us when we open a Chicken Xpress store on new, international soil.

It is this belief in a universal bond that connects all humanity that allows us to easily adapt our business model to suit new and exciting places – everyone who embodies our core values is welcome into the Chicken Xpress family, regardless of location.

Who Is Our Target Market?

We don’t want to leave anyone out, that’s why our target market is very broad – from young students, to daily commuters, families and business people looking for a quality, well-priced and convenient meal that tastes delicious.


Our Chicken Xpress Master Licences allow international entrepreneurs to either develop the Chicken Xpress brand across a country, or in one specific region.

Our Head Office provides each entrepreneur with a proven operating system and brand name, from with the Master Licence holder benefits in the form of international marketing and access to system and recipe developments.

Our skilled operations team will provide all the necessary specs, operating procedures and systems needed to create the best possible embodiment of the Chicken Xpress brand in the new territory.

Master License Options:

We offer two forms of our Chicken Xpress Master Licence to suitable candidates:

1. Master Development Licence

This gives you the right to own and operate multiple stores across a region. Essentially, you are able to open corporate owned stores across the country and control the store locations, set-up, supply chain and marketing.

2. Master Franchise Licence

This allows you to open your own Chicken Xpress stores (Corporate Stores), as well as to sub-franchise to other interested franchisees (sub-franchised stores) across the country.