Social QSR Franchising

Social franchising is the application of the principles of commercial franchising to promote social benefit rather than private profit. Chicken Xpress is currently launching South Africa’s first social franchise in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) sector.

While the traditional arm of our business will continue to grow, it is our social franchise arm which will be empowering the young South Africans faced with the many obstacles in establishing businesses which currently hinder entrepreneurial growth and long-term job creation in our country.

While franchising is one of the more secure investments that can be made – due to a proven business model, strong Head Office support and group marketing efforts – finance and lack of direction are common barriers to entry that young individuals experience within our current economic climate.

Chicken Xpress is currently working with a cross of private sector organisations and government institutions to fund and grow young entrepreneurs through our proven and consistently growing business model, while keeping our core brand value of becoming the People’s Champion of each community we enter into across the country

The Process

Once the potential franchisee has passed our Initial Evaluation Process, the candidate will be assisted in acquiring the necessary funds, site selection, full training, turnkey store set-up and all items required in setting up their very first Chicken Xpress store.

The Social Impact

In keeping with our core value to become the People’s Champion wherever we go, we are on the lookout for passionate franchisees in every area. Franchisees who can lead a team of inspired employees, all while serving up our delicious Chicken Xpress products to a community that loves the brand, staff and store.

Chicken Xpress will also discount a portion of the franchise and training fees, as we look to assist and grow young entrepreneurs within the Chicken Xpress Team. All profits from our Social Franchising Division will go back into the further training of the entrepreneurs, as well as into growing the communities around the Chicken Xpress Social Franchise store - creating a consistently growing ecosystem of evolving entrepreneurs and communities.

Are you a South African citizen with a strong passion to be involved in our growing Chicken Xpress brand?