All Chicken Xpress products are proudly South African, with every ingredient locally sourced to create the uniquely local Flava that our customers both in South Africa and further afield in Africa have come to love over the years. Southern fried chicken has never tasted so Southern African.

In creating our unique Flava, we’ve also endeavored to develop a cooking process that reduces the oil absorption into the chicken pieces while being cooked. This leads to healthier meal options, as well as allowing our carefully formulated Flava to burst through clearly and prominently with each bite. We make sure that there’s just enough oil to deliver that crunchy outside and juicy inside chicken piece to every customer served – and no more.

With every new Chicken Xpress store that we open, we aim to be a positive and integral part of that community – and to achieve that our food has to be of the highest standard so that we quickly become the people’s favourite. We take this promise to our customers very seriously and that’s why no matter which Chicken Xpress welcomes you in, you can expect the same high level of service and quality food.